Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sneak Peek: Trend Alert for Fall 2011

Dune Road Collection: Organic Textures are Trending for Fall 2011
Those first really hot days have just begun to settle in - we're thinking of beach weekends and crashing surf, of casual alfresco dinners where icy cocktail glasses come complete with a dreamy haze of condensation and and no one need worry about a coaster. We know breezy summer will give in to autumn's crisp call to action, and we'll want to start decorating and nesting and preparing fresh looks for holiday entertaining. But we're going kicking and screaming and taking a little taste of summer with us: we invite you to join us for a leisurely stroll along the DUNE ROAD.

Our Creative Director, Renee Wightman, says a major design theme for fall is the use of warm, organic textures, exhibited in her design team’s new DUNE ROAD collection, which we're launching along with two more exciting themed collections to the trade at gift shows nationwide all summer.  No passing fancy, these textures are timeless because they come from nature, or take inspiration from it. Here's a highlight, and be sure to check back for more as the garden tomatoes trade chartreuse for crimson and the cicada begin to hum. 
Gentle curves ahead: Lazy Susan's new Modern Relic table lamp.

MODERN RELIC LAMP: In the lighting category, Lazy Susan offers a few great surprises this season, including this ceramic table lamp. Its base a juxtaposition of fluid curves with a rich, warm earthy coloration and a funky-chunky crackle glaze, this lamp is tall (46.5”) and slender. The perfect shade? A camel-hued, woven, linen-y fabric drum that adds yet another of nature’s most enticing textures to the mix. Says Renee Wightman, “It’s that mix of coarse and fine materials, nature’s own rough or smooth surfaces combined with things touched, carved, sculpted or woven by human hands, that texture-play is what creates compelling objects with lasting value.”
Lazy Susan's Modern Relic lamp for Fall 2011

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